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We Help Network between Canada and the Rest of the World

Research results originating from our E/I media enterprise intended to the network of laboratory-based personnel and staff  and professionals alike help liaise between academe and industry and vice-a-versa.

We have folios developing as ongoing projected research that set their course for further project planning.  Of course, there are those peer-reviewed papers and other more informal techdocs planned to document trends and perspectives in research for academe and industry and made available through "SkyeBlue" under strict copyright using the Vistaprint.com platform here in Canada/the USA.

We engage in mailing campaigns with the public both locally based and to overseas locations.  Our Info-Paks (R) and Infomercial-Paks (R) ensure that the word gets out regards current research we are advancing and which prove to be popular at "SkyeBlue".

As we process technologies down the academic/industrial technological pipeline we encourage idea innovation regards networking and finding opportunity to both expand and diversify business assets in future with IP in mind for the USA/Canada, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines, South America and even within the African continent. 

The collective SBO Cos. listed under Biotechnology for their biomedical cos. listing all at Hum-molgen.de are intended to advance agri-food, energy, biorenewables and environmental-related research. (We welcome all queries especially on research we are conducting currently in collaboration with organic chemistry, agriculture and food manufacturing.)