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On the world-wide web, we would like to serve your needs in Internet consulting in areas we are currently advancing. 

We are inviting students, research workers and other professionals to order for our publications.

An example is the latest on molecular mechanisms to control microbial life in applied problems like forage ensilage and forage digestion

as an alternate approach to using hormones, antibiotics and is GMO-free. Outstanding and true at SkyeBlue!

We have put a Moratorium on all GMO testing using Biotech.

A Consumer Once Commented...

I read their most recent published volume and commented as to how breathtaking the technologies are as presented and as the book hints on how science measures up to our societal needs to keep on going green to help save the planet. 

Peter Agustin Flores - writer; trade biotechnologist

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We have the latest updated FYI resources to continue working for you at your fingertips. Many of these reading resources are not available in your bookshops or libraries anymore. They either might have been available only personaly from the author, pulled off the shelf or have been put in storage for later. Get it from where it came from and you will be rewarded!

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Open Phone Line- D. A. Flores, Principal



Mail & Document Handling: Our MBE Mailbox (TM) from Canada as a Mail Depot to Australasia/Oceana Including the Philippines Around the Pacific Rim.  This will be a Future Catchment Area for "SkyeBlue's" Clientele Amongst Academic Staffers, Future Investors, Inventors, and their Students.

Open Phone Line - D. A. Flores, Principal