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On the world-wide web, we would like to serve your needs in research and consultation for areas we are continually advancing. 

We invite all students, researchers and scientific & business professionals to read our publications.

An example describes molecular mechanisms to control microbial life in applied problems like forage ensilage and forage digestion as an alternative approach to using hormones, antibiotics and one that is GMO-free.  Outstanding and that is true for "SkyeBlue"!

We have put a moratorium on all GMO testing for Micro-organismal, Animal, Crop, Human and Other Environmental Biotechnologies.

Our Principal Once Commented...

I read the recent publication and commented as to how breathtaking the technology as presented is and as how it hints on how science measures up to our societal needs to keep on going green and to help save the planet. 

In future, these apply to food nutraceuticals, pharma or drugs, animal products and crops - including our specialization on low-quality byproduct feeds, biorenewable materials (see:  Isobenzoprene nitrile - IBPN, Hum-Molgen.org), including bioenergy from fibre fermentation such as bioethanol and biokerosene for avionics, from the former, via our proposed proprietary process of chain polymerization synthesis, with energy inputs from H2(g), hydro, geothermal and solar/wind power combined (see: Organische Chemie, Hum-Molgen.org).

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New HP Envy 5200 scanning device for attaching web, e-mail marketing, tech, and refereed docs, flyers, brochures and cards and correspondence sent with electronic messaging will be made available to all members from the mail room.

Test Message via E-scan emailings and airmail snail mail: Mail-in red card for ordering weekly issues of Bi-Weekly newsletter with Bi-Weekly supplement and Monthly or 3 Quarterly Issues of The Protocol Bulletin from SkyeBluePublications.ca for those joining our exclusive E-Club membership with Skye Blue Association, Port Coquitlam, B. C. CA V3B 1G3.

Welcome all local members in the Vancouver area and new Philippine Grads & Professional Practitioners in their Fields of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Care and AgriBusiness through LinkedIn (based in Ireland) to our E-Club at Skye Blue Association, Port Coquitlam, B.C. CA V3B 1G3.


D. A. Flores, Principal

Future Grant Funding at "SkyeBlue"

"Big ticket" items in operational / research / work grants will be prepared for application by SEP./OCT. 2021 to agri-food and innovation granting bodies provincially and federally based on availability.

D. A. Flores, Principal

M. O.  Info-Paks (R) / Infomer-cial-Paks (R) from Our New Burquitlam BC CA Address.

The UPS Store (TM) in Canada, will be set up as a mail order (M.O.) depot for the region, viz. the Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Central Asia for "SkyeBlue".  Two formats one larger and one smaller, for product design  are planned for larger or smaller organizations on the academic, industrial or the public domain/"map".

D. A. Flores, Principal